Industrial Lubricants

Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Brake Oil


AMSOIL Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Brake Oil is an ISO VG 32 oil with an extreme operating temperature range engineered for superior performance and long oil life in industrial applications subjected to frequent low-temperature operation. Its high-quality synthetic base oils ensure exceptional fluidity in sub-zero temperatures for increased start-up performance, while its ultra-high viscosity index translates into good film thickness and wear protection at operating temperatures. AMSOIL Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Brake Oil provides dependable operation throughout a wider temperature range than conventional ISO VG 32 hydraulic oils.


Formulated with molecularly uniform synthetic base oils, AMSOIL Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Brake Oil reduces friction in valves, pumps and hydraulic system components for efficient operation and reduced wear. Its high-performance anti-wear additive package employs zinc to help ensure long component life and reduced maintenance costs.


AMSOIL Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Brake Oil is formulated with oxidation inhibitors that resist acid and sludge formation. Its robust formula reduces the need for frequent oil changes due to degraded oil or seasonal temperatures, making it ideal for extreme temperature ranges and applications that may be difficult to access. AMSOIL Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Brake Oil’s long-life properties help reduce maintenance costs.



High viscosity index Superior fluidity at low temperatures for immediate performance. Reduces possibility of pump cavitation in cold temperatures. Decreases the need for oil heaters. Reduces the need for seasonal oil changes for reduced costs. Provides a wider useful operating temperature range than conventional hydraulic oils.
Formulated with oxidation inhibitors Promotes long oil life for maximum convenience and cost savings. Inhibits acid and sludge formation for a clean, efficient hydraulic system. Inhibits viscosity increase for optimum performance.
Excellent demulsibility Better operation in humid and wet environments. Promotes water separation and improves filterability.
Seal friendly Helps prevent leaks and extends seal life.
Foam resistant Helps prevent pump cavitation and erratic operation. Allows for better protection and heat dissipation. Assists in maintaining fluid film thickness for increased wear resistance.
Long life Reduces maintenance costs. Ideal for difficult-to-access applications.
Excellent filterability Can be subjected to fine filtration for maximum cleanliness.


AMSOIL Synthetic Turbine Hydraulic Brake Oil is designed for superior performance in hydraulic systems where the product viscosity and technical properties are appropriate for the application. An example may be hydraulics subject to cold-temperature conditions that require extra wear protection and long oil life.


For recommendations on safe handling and use of these products, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The U.S. version is available for download here. For other countries and languages contact the AMSOIL Wind Group.