Industrial Lubricants

Link Chain Grease

AMSOIL Link Chain Grease is an NLGI #0 lithium-based extreme-pressure grease designed to help protect link-type load chains from corrosion and wear.

Typical Tecnical Properties

Thickener Type Lithium
NLGI Consistency Grade #0
Base Oil Viscosity 40°C, cSt (ASTM D-445) 210
Base Oil Viscosity 100°C, cSt (ASTM D-445) 17.5
Dropping Point, °F (ASTM D-2265) 340
Oxidation Stability @ 100 hrs, psi (ASTM D-942) 10
Rust & Corrosion (ASTM D-1743) PASS
Four-Ball Wear, mm (ASTM D-2266) 0.45
Four-Ball EP (weld point) (ASTM D-2596) 250
Timken OK Load, lbs (ASTM D-2509) 40
Copper Corrosion (ASTM D-4048) 1b
Color Amber
Texture Smooth
Package Size Case of twelve 10oz. tubes


AMSOIL Link Chain Grease should not be used where non-grease or dry lubricants are required by the hoist or chain manufacturer. Always follow the hoist and/or chain manufacturer’s guidelines for the proper grease type, application method and frequency of chain lubrication.


For recommendations on safe handling and use of these products, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The U.S. version is available for download here. For other countries and languages contact the AMSOIL Wind Group.