Industrial Lubricants

Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant

Antifreeze/coolants consist of either ethylene glycol (EG) or propylene glycol (PG) to provide freeze protection while also raising the boiling point of water. Additives are included in the formulation to protect against corrosion and scale deposits. Additives come in three types: inorganic salts (found in “green” conventional products), organic acids (OATs) and hybrid organic acids (HOATs). Organic acids (sometimes referred to as poly-organic acids), are the most robust and long-lasting of the three. They provide superior protection against scale deposits while offering excellent compatibility for maximum convenience. AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant is premixed 50/50 with ethylene glycol and high-purity water. It uses the latest organic-acid technology to provide outstanding protection while guarding against deposits.


Independent tests reveal AMSOIL Heavy- Duty Antifreeze & Coolant greatly surpasses standards for metallic corrosion, achieving nearly perfect scores in ASTM corrosion and erosion testing on cast aluminum, steel, copper, solder, brass and cast iron as well as aluminum water pumps.


AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant is a poly-organic acid formulation that does not contain inorganic salts (phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, silicate, borate, amine) found in conventional and hybrid organic acid (HOAT) antifreeze/coolants. These materials are responsible for almost all scale deposits in cooling systems, often forming when the antifreeze/coolant is at the wrong pH or mixed with incompatible products. AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant virtually eliminates scaling problems.


Antifreeze/coolants that use inorganic salts can be incompatible with each other, sometimes leading to additive drop-out in the form of an abrasive or slime. Determining product compatibility is a hassle and can lead to accidental mixing and maintenance issues. AMSOIL Heavy- Duty Antifreeze & Coolant does not contain inorganic salts, enhancing compatibility. It may be mixed with all ethylene and propylene glycol antifreeze and coolant colors, allowing operators to top-off any system regardless of the current antifreeze/coolant being used. However, mixing propylene and ethylene glycol formulations can make it difficult to predict freeze protection. If mixing for top-off is unavoidable, it is recommended to flush the cooling system at the next convenient opportunity.

Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant

  • Formulated to exceed OEM requirements and maximize converter pump life
  • Premixed 50/50 with high-purity water for maximum convenience
  • Boil-over protection up to 265ºF in a 15-psi closed system
  • Freeze protection down to -34°F
  • Protects seals, gaskets and hoses against leaks
  • Fortified with anti-deposit, anti-fouling and water-pump lubrication additives
  • High quality poly-organic acid formulation to help avoid IGBT/converter losses


Use in wind turbine converter coolant applications and all passenger cars/light trucks, and applications requiring any of the following specifications:

ASTM D4985, D6210 • Case IH • Caterpillar EC-1 • Chrysler MS7170 • Cummins CES14603 • Detroit Diesel 7SE298, 93K217 • Fiat Professional; Fiat Truck • Ford WSS-M97B51-A1 • Freightliner 48-22880 • John Deere 8650-5 • Mack Truck CNH • MTU MTL5048, 5049 • New Holland • PACCAR: Kenworth, Peterbilt • TMC of ATA RP329, 330, 338 • US Military CID A-A-52624A


AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant is compatible with all common seal, gasket and hose materials found in cooling systems. Its organic-acid chemistry helps promote long seal, gasket and hose life while helping reduce leaks.


AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant does not contain inorganic salts that deplete over time and can turn into scale deposits. Its unique blend of organic acids provides durable and long-lasting protection of cooling system components.


Follow the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for top-off and service interval.

Do not add water.

Antifreeze/coolant (new or used) is hazardous. Clean up and dispose of properly following local regulations.


For recommendations on safe handling and use of these products, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The U.S. version is available for download here. For other countries and languages contact the AMSOIL Wind Group.

WARNING: This product can expose you to 1,4-dioxane, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Ethanediol, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to