Industrial Lubricants


ISO 220, ISO 320, ISO 390, ISO 460

AMSOIL PT Series Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Lubricants are premium synthetic polyalphaolefin-type (PAO) gear oils engineered to provide maximum performance and protection in wind turbine and other industrial gearboxes operating under severe conditions. They are formulated with extreme-pressure (EP) additives for outstanding resistance to scuffing wear and micropitting fatigue on gear surfaces operating under extreme pressures and shock loads. AMSOIL Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Lubes provide exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance to fulfill the long oil life requirements of gearbox manufacturers, making them ideal for hard-to-reach places where gear oil changes are infrequent. AMSOIL PT Series lubricants are recommended for heavy-duty industrial gear drives, such as steel-on-steel helical, bevel and spur gears with surface-hardened tooth metallurgies.

AMSOIL PT Series Gear Lubes are fortified with next-generation additive technology to deliver outstanding overall performance in areas critical to industrial applications, including water resistance, filterability, long-term foam control, rapid air release, rust and corrosion inhibition and paint and seal compatibility.


AMSOIL PT Series Synthetic Gear Lubes are highly resistant to viscosity shear, even under extreme stress. They exceed the performance requirements for gear and bearing protection, while providing excellent film strength over a broad temperature range. Their excellent foam-resistance and air-release properties ensure strong fluid film thickness and reduced gear and bearing wear.


AMSOIL Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Lubes do not contain solids, allowing for filtration down to 5 microns using full-flow media, and 3 microns using bypass filtration for maximum filter life and oil cleanliness.

Product Features

User Benefits

Solids-free additive technology Excellent protection against micropitting and scuffing wear.
Can be subjected to ultra-fine filtration for maximum contaminant removal.
Extended filter life for reduced costs.
Seal- and elastomer compatible Helps prevent leaks and extend seal, hose, and gasket life.
PAO synthetic base oils Improved oxidation resistance and extreme-temperature performance.
Water resistant Resists water absorption in wet and humid environments.
Improves filterability and filter life.
Inhibits rust and corrosion.
Shear stable Enhances viscosity retention and film thickness for dependable wear and EP protection.
Thermally stable Inhibits sludge, carbon, and varnish deposits for clean, efficient operation.
Internal coating compatibility Can be used in multiple manufacturer-branded gearboxes.


AMSOIL PT Series Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Lubes are designed to provide outstanding protection for wind turbine and other industrial gearboxes that require EP protection, such as those found in the textile, paper, steel, cement, plastic and lumber industries. AMSOIL PT Series Gear Lubes are formulated to meet the listed standards and requirements.


For recommendations on safe handling and use of these products, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The U.S. version is available for download below. For other countries and languages contact the AMSOIL Wind Group.

PTN (ISO VG 320)
PTL (ISO VG 150), PTM (ISO VG 220), PTO (ISO VG 460)

WARNING: This product can expose you to Ethyl acrylate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to