Power Transmission Flushing Oil

AMSOIL Power Transmission Flushing Oil (AM1194) is a low-cost ISO viscosity grade 320 extreme-pressure (EP) flushing oil designed for flushing contaminants from wind turbine gearboxes during the oil-change process. It contains chemistry similar to AMSOIL Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Lube (PTN), ensuring compatibility.

Data Bulletin SDS


Guidelines for Use

Please contact the AMSOIL Wind Group for your specific application guidelines. AMSOIL Power Transmission Flushing Oil is not designed to be a long-term gear oil replacement. It is meant to be used only as a flushing gear oil when changing to AMSOIL PTN.




Other Products

AMSOIL products for wind turbines combine quality with cost effective pricing. Their premium formulations help operators increase turbine life and performance.

(product code AM2110)
Non-solvent-based cleaning agent that assists in sludge and varnish removal from wind turbine gearboxes filled with Castrol Optigear A 320 gear oil. Does not harm seals or internal coatings when used in accordance with AMSOIL guidelines.

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(product code AWH)
Protects hard-working hydraulic systems from the stress of high-pressure, high-load and heavy-duty operations. Remains fluid in cold temperatures for immediate cold-weather flow. Special anti-wear additives and rust inhibitors provide optimum protection to expensive equipment.

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(product code HVH)
AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil's blend of high-viscosity-index base oils and performance additives provides all-season protection and reliable operation in all types of hydraulic systems.

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(product code PTN)
Premium synthetic polyalphaolefin (PAO) gear oil engineered to provide maximum performance and protection in wind turbine gearboxes. Formulated with extreme-pressure (EP) additives to provide outstanding resistance to scuffing wear and micropitting fatigue. Features exceptional resistance to water ingress to provide optimum film thickness, which promotes reducedgear and bearing wear.

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